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NZDCAD Trade Idea Jan 2020 Short

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

We're going to run through some Forex Fundamental Analysis because we're not about just technicals here.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

  • Although GDP Differentials are tightening overall differential is net positive at 0.9% which is classed as a very slight long bias moving forwards in 2020.

  • Not confident as GDP is a lagging indicator of what’s going on in the economy, but it shows us what’s happened and what is happening.

  • Overall a fairly positive correlation between GDP differentials and price

A2 Milk Company Analysis (Dairy Major NZD Export)

  • Straight away we can see a negative correlation between the performance of the dairy company A2 Milk and the price of NZDCAD.

  • New Zealand itself is a major exporter of dairy products and meats so there’s no surprise of this relationship between the two.

  • If the price of the exchange rate is decreasing the performance of the company is better meaning a weaker currency value.

  • Countries around the world can buy more dairy products than if the currency was strong.

  • Latest values are showing an increase in performance from A2 Milk by 6.59% which indicates a potential short pending for the NZDCAD currency exchange rate.

  • This is because stock performance can sometimes be seen as predictive in nature for future currency value.

Steel & Tube Holdings LTD Analysis

  • New Zealand also export some major building supplies and components such as computers and broadcasting equipment.

  • We’ve analysed the correlation between STU Steel and Tube Holdings and the NZDCAD exchange rate to see whether we can uncover any details.

  • What we can see is at first there was a negative relationship between the 2 from 2010 and 2013.

  • Since 2014 however, there’s actually been a fairly positive correlation between the exchange rate and the company STU.

  • Using the last 5 years as a starting point we’d give the analysis a slight long bias due to recent performance of STU increasing to 5.06%.

  • However, if we were to use the overall correlation of the last 10 years it has shown to be a negative correlation meaning a slight short bias of the exchange rate NZDCAD.

Interest Rate Differentials

  • Straight away in the past year we’ve seen the interest rate differential between the 2 economies tighten.

  • New Zealand have decreased their interest rates heavily whereas Canada have increased their interest rates.

  • This type of relationship shows how investors can still attain higher yielding assets in New Zealand due to interest rates alone which may increase future money supply.

  • However, if the trend continues and we see the interest rate differentials go in favour of CAD we don’t want to be a in a long-term long position in the markets.

  • How do we score this and see what may happen in the future?

  • Since the Interest rate differential has been dropping significantly in the last year we’re signalled with a short bias on NZDCAD.

  • If the differentials in the future look to increase again then we want to flip this analysis and show a potential long bias.


  • Overall the NZX 50 has been rising since 2015 whereas since 2015 the NZDCAD exchange rate has been dropping significantly

  • Therefore, it shows a negative correlation between the country’s main stock index and their wealth compared to the exchange rate of NZDCAD.

  • We can score it as follows:

  • When the stock index is rising, we expect the exchange rate to fall

  • When the stock index is falling, we can expect the exchange rate to increase

Overall final analysis we’ve scored it as positive -15 for NZD and for the CAD we’ve given it a score of 12. This is quite a good indicator for a short on NZDCAD

  • Overall in the COT report analysis hedge funds are net short on the NZD meaning the market is agreeing with our idea.

  • However, there has been reducing open interest in the past few weeks towards the long side.

  • Ideally, we’d like to see reducing open interest towards the short side (pink line heading down).

  • So, although this is good for our idea, we could see the market change.

  • Very good signs of CAD strength regarding the sentiment of Hedge funds.

  • They’ve flipped from being net short to net long meaning we could start to see a big shift in CAD strength going into 2020.

  • This aligns well with our NZD idea which shows overall hedge funds are short NZD/CAD.

  • Regarding the ATR calculator we’ve chosen a 3-month horizon to see how volatile the NZDCAD has been the past 3 months.

  • This has allowed us to set a potential stop loss of 1.5% of the current price for our short idea.

  • If you want to be on the safer side, you can look toward a longer time horizon such as a 12-month volatility analysis.

  • Can expect the position to be open for 1-3 months before seeing how it will materialize.

  • Touching on the technical we can see that it’s respected a daily trendline and since started a retrace.

  • It’s broken the daily lows that were set during December 2019 at 0.86134.

  • Ideally, we want the market to agree with our short idea so any future signs of shorts such as candlestick formations and bearish candles is a great indication of a promising short.

  • We’ve set our soft target at 0.8292.

  • This is a location where we can see some buyers enter the market and push the price higher.

  • On this retrace we could have the opportunity to scale into our idea or just let our idea run towards a further 1:6 Risk reward.

  • However, at that point stop losses should be moved to reduce risk on the position and make it risk free.

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