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  • Extensive case study using fundamental and sentiment analysis

  • Psychometric assessment upon completion


If you want to understand how traders capture price movements, then you need to become an expert at all types of forex analysis including: fundamental, sentimental and technical approaches. Logikfx Investment and Trading Academy has summarised, and simplified those exact types of analysis, in an extensive free class focusing on complex techniques that divide the amateurs from the professionals

What will I learn?

  • Introductory study of business surveys, consumer surveys, and building permits.

  • A top-down global macro approach using the step framework of: Value, optimsiation, and risk management.

  • How to use the Commitments of Traders Report to assess market conditions

  • Practical methods to manage your risk by minimising your downside

  • Live-trading example using macro trading methods

  • How to use different macro tools to fine-tune your process

  • The main pitfalls beginners tend to fall into when starting out

  • If you have the right character traits to become a great trader

This course is designed for: beginner traders who are looking to understand the various ways to analyse forex market, and some core skills to get started.

Understand the Do's and Don'ts of Forex Trading

Made simple and easy to pick up, regardless of pre-existing experience

Free Professional Assessment

At the end of the class, complete your psychometric assessment, and discuss your results with an existing trader to discover your next best steps in your trading career

Logikfx is hands down the best trading & investment education company I have come across, the approach to trading is completely different from 95% of "experts" out there, I won't lie I got sucked into the typical retail trader trap before (trading based on irrelevant technical analysis) and then I found these guys who have completely changed the game in my opinion. The tech and strategies they implement to gain ideas is how trading should be done.

I have been a member since November 2020 and in the short space of time I have learned so much more than I expected and that is down to the guys behind logikfx. Honestly not a bad word to say.

The guys who make this work are truly genuine people which is rare in this game! From the free content to the numerous questions I ask (sorry marcus lol) they never fail to keep their members on the right track, they don't just sell a course!

I will be certainly be with logikfx for the long run! Cheers fellas!

Kieran Channer

United Kingdom

Marcus Raiyat

CEO at Logikfx.com

Education & Background

  • WikiHow Expert & Co-Author in Investment, Finance & Trading

  • Quora Q&A Contributor

  • Lectured at prestigious U.K. Universities (Aston University and Leicester University)

  • Published Author: “What you need to know before trading forex and stocks”

  • Former: Actuarial Analyst 

  • Universities Attended: Cass Business School, Aston University

  • Degree(s): Actuarial Science, Mathematics

Investment & Trading Profile

  • Style: Macro trading and Value Investing

  • Current Portfolio Composition: Forex, Commodities, Indices, Equities, Crypto

  • Favourite instruments: CFDs and other derivatives.

  • Enjoy creating content on macroeconomic trading, financial analytics and current market conditions.

Marcus Raiyat is the founder and CEO of "Logikfx.com" and is widely known for his ability to simplify complex trading information into engaging, simple and effective content. He is also recognised for developing cutting-edge fundamental analysis technology and tools, courses, and books. 


His work has been featured on WikiHow, E-Forex Magazine, Quora, Aston University, Leicester University, among other outlets. Marcus has been helping both professionals and retail investors identify successful trades for the past decade, and with fundamental analysis - his first free course for Logikfx Investment and Trading Academy - Marcus takes his powerful experience, and makes it useful for anyone.

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