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Learn to Trade Forex in 3 Simple steps using a Trading Strategy That 90% of Traders Don't Know About

Increase your employability and upskill today!

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From the home office of Marcus Raiyat,

Dear fellow forex trader, 

If you've been staring at the screen for countless hours and getting little to no returns...

And questioning whether trading is even for you and going back to your old ways...

Then This One-Of-A-Kind Fundamental Trading Web Class Is For You 

Here's a glimpse of what's waiting inside so you can learn to trade:

A Proven fundamental trading strategy that you can use straight away for immediate consistency (that came from over 10,000 + hours of real-life statistical research and not some botch job strategy you'll find on YouTube...)

How I set myself a trading "challenge"... completely failed at it... and ended up making over £10,000 almost by accident! (I even recorded the forex trade live so you can peek over my shoulder and learn hands on)


My hidden technique I use to see exactly what the institutions are buying and selling (so we can copy them and take the profit from newbies!)

The tech I use that will allow you to save time AND automate most of the trading process (so trading becomes a real passive income and not another job on top of your job)

One reality check you're going have to get used to (if you want to make it to the top in the trading world that is)

And that's only for starters.

Using this strategy of fundamentals to learn to trade and putting in all her effort, focus, sweat and passion, a student got into trading and turned her first 4 figure return which was 10x her part-time graft in just a few months...

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Forex Trading Has Nothing To Do With The Typical 18 Hour Days Stereo Type You May Be Doing Right Now

In fact, during the web class I will also show you:

How the old mindset of getting paid for the more work you do is completely flawed (and show you a better way - hint it's fundamental trading!)

Are you a gambler or a trader? (and why gamblers have no chance in hell of making money trading long term)

How to figure out whether you're cut out for forex trading (and what it will require from you to succeed)

Why FOMO trading is a downward spiral (making you enter a position in the worst time and getting out because of fear - and losing thousands along the way!)

Unspoken truths to technical trading patterns hurting your trades (Spoiler, they have no edge!)