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Marcus Raiyat: Who Is He?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Marcus Raiyat Head Shot

Marcus Raiyat (born May 1995) is a U.K. Investor and founder of He has written financial guides, like "What you need to know before trading forex & stocks" and developed cutting-edge fundamental macro trading technology, online courses, trading forums, and much more.

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Education & Professional Background

  • Title: Executive Director at Logikfx

  • The Balance - Finance and Investment Content Contributor (2nd largest financial website globally)

  • WikiHow Expert & Co-Author in Investment, Finance & Trading

  • Quora Q&A Contributor

  • Lectured at prestigious U.K. Universities (Aston University and Leicester University)

  • Published Author: “What you need to know before trading forex and stocks”

  • Former: Actuarial Analyst at Phoenix Group

  • Universities Attended: Cass Business School, Aston University

  • Degree(s): Actuarial Science, Mathematics

Investment & Trading Profile

  • Style: Macro trading and Value Investing

  • Current Portfolio Composition: Forex, Commodities, Indices, Equities, Crypto

  • Favourite instruments: CFDs and other derivatives.

  • Enjoy creating content on macroeconomic trading, financial analytics and current market conditions.

Early Life and Education

Marcus Raiyat was born in Wolverhampton in England. In 2013, Marcus Raiyat attended Cass business school to study Actuarial science and later completed a pure mathematics degree at Aston University. Marcus led Aston Aunties to victory in the National University eSports Championship in 2015.

Marcus Raiyat's Current Principles:

  • You have two core financial strategies in life - income and wealth generation. One is for sustaining your lifestyle, the other to compound your assets over time.

  • Volatility is an investor's best friend. If the market doesn't move, we have no opportunities. We, therefore, must understand what is driving price movements through thorough expectation and outcome analysis.

  • Self-discipline, goal setting, and grit will be the three main skills that determine whether your approach to the market allows you to gain profit.

  • Automated quantitative methods are now a minimum requirement, not a luxury, to maintain an edge on the market. It's the main reason Logikfx LITA Technology exists


Marcus Raiyat has previous experience at a $245billion pension fund (Phoenix Group), and investment competencies learned through actively trading forex, stocks, crypto and other derivatives. Marcus Raiyat is currently Chief Executive Officer at Logikfx, whilst contributing to various financial institutions and publications. He currently advises on corporate decisions, operations and resource management, risk and strategy, seminars, content review board, and educational and financial courses. He specialises in forex trading, value investing, quantitative analysis, and educational content creation.

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