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Self Improvement from featured as financial growth and help website.

28 June 2021 featured as the Top Education Company in Birmingham, UK (2021)

5 April 2021 was featured as a top trading platform company in the UK for 2021

23 February 2021

​ partnered with wikiHow to collaborate efforts in improving the helpfulness and trustworthiness of Investment, Finance and Trading related content. Marcus Raiyat (CEO of Logikfx) is recognised as an expert in those fields.

2 April 2021's Educational material was nominated as the "Best Forex Education & Training UK 2021"

1 March 2021's Educational material was nominated as the "Best New Forex Education & Training UK 2020"

20 August 2020's Macro Currency Strength Meter Technology was featured in E-Forex Magazines May 2019 edition as the 'best automation to for retail traders' globally.

16 May 2019

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