Plans and Pricing

LITA Sponsorship

Get the majority of the cost covered by Logikfx by registering to the next free online trading class and passing the Psychometric Assessment at the end

Currency Trading Masterclass

£3,695 12-month access

Suitable for those with no prior experience who are seeking to generate wealth from trading the Forex Market.

The masterclass will teach you from end-to-end exactly how to trade the markets using this 3 stage approach:

  • Valuation 

  • Optimisation and

  • Risk Management

Gain complete confidence with your trading portfolio, and attain long-term consistency.

Over 41 video tutorials and relevant excel file downloads.

LITA Technology 2.1

£189 per month

For existing traders to save hundreds of hours per month on market research

LITA technology includes the following features:

Coming Soon:

  • Volatility (SL - TP) Calculator

Featured as 'best forex automation tools for retail traders' by E-Forex Magazine in May 2019

One-to-one Mentoring

Starting from £5,965

Get hands-on training from the professionals at Logikfx. The hallmark for the success of many LITA Traders.

There is only so much that can be learnt from videos and textbooks. Dramatically accelerate your learning by having an experienced trader on hand.


Following a "lead by example" principle, all mentors are running active multi-asset portfolios for at least 5 years - you will learn from the best.


What currency is this in?

It's in Great British Pounds Sterling (GBP).

Can I purchase multiple plans or cancel my subscription anytime later?

Yes, you can have multiple plans, or cancel your subscription at any moment.

Are there any hidden fees or contract obligation? 

No, we do not enforce any contracts for long-term commitments or other contract obligations whatsoever. And there are no hidden charges or fees.

What payment methods do you accept?