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Logikfx Technology is a collection of forex trading analysis tools to help investors save time on fundamental analysis

Join over 10,000 retail traders currently saving time on their fundamental analysis

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Save time, trade better.

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Value and optimise forex fundamentals in a single dashboard.

The Evolution.

Back in 2013, Logikfx started as a small group of mathematicians and IT specialists united by one mission - to make fundamental forex analysis accessible for everyone. In 7 years, we've grown into one of the world's leading online trading education and analysis platforms for the retail market.

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Logikfx Forex Analysis Tools

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Today, our analysis tools help traders from all types of backgrounds and professions to save time and generate high-quality trading ideas. Our technology enables discovery of great trading opportunities, whilst also providing ways to minimise their risk.




The Tools.

The LITA Technology is split into 3 main categories: Valuation, Optimisation and Risk Management. Each analysis tool serves a unique purpose, supporting retail traders in every portfolio area that counts.


Forex Opportunity Rankings

A complete top-down ranking of forex pair opportunities based on global macro analytical methods

  • 35+ Currency Pairs

  • Updated Weekly

Macro Currency Strength Meter

Instantly gauge the strength and weakness of forex currencies with a simple score. Generated from thousands of fundamental economic reports.

  • 23 Economic Regions

  • Updated Weekly

See full details here

GDP Differential Meter

Compare the Gross Domestic Product growth rates between economic regions to discover where the "hot money" will flow.

  • 23 Economic Regions

  • Updated Monthly

see full details here

Interest Rate Differential Meter

Compare the Interest Rates between economic regions to discover which currencies will pay you more for just holding them.

  • 23 Economic Regions

  • Updated Monthly

See full details here

Global Trade: Imports & Exports

A decomposition of the major imports and exports of each economic region

(Coming soon*)


Commitments of Traders Analysis


A simple representation of the current open trades of Hedge funds, Asset Managers and Commercial participants in the market. 

  • 12 Currencies

  • Updated Weekly

See full details here

Risk Management

Volatility (SL - TP) Calculator

Using volatility, this calculator will tell you the expected price movement over a given time horizon for every single asset. Many LITA Traders use this to help support their stop-loss and target placement.

(Coming soon*)

Can't wait? Download the excel template version here.

*Features are still in development. 

Start using logikfx technology today

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