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Marcus Raiyat

Macro forex trader, Founder of

  • 10+ Years of Forex Trading Experience

  • Founder of

  • wikiHow co-author and Recognised Expert in Investment, Finance and Trading

  • Style: Macro Trading & Value Investing

  • Degree (s): Actuarial Science, Mathematics BSc

  • Enjoys creating educational and thought provoking content

Marcus Raiyat is the founder and CEO of "" and is widely known for his ability to simplify complex trading information into engaging, simple and effective content. He is also recognised for developing cutting-edge fundamental analysis technology and tools, courses, and books. His work has been featured on WikiHow, E-Forex Magazine, Quora, Aston University, Leicester University, among other outlets. Marcus has been helping both professionals and retail investors identify successful trades for the past decade, and with fundamental analysis - his first free course for Logikfx Investment and Trading Academy - Marcus takes his powerful experience, and makes it useful for anyone.

🎓 Education & Background

📈 Investment & Trading Profile

  • Style: Macro trading and Value Investing

  • Current Portfolio Composition: Forex, Commodities, Indices, Equities, Crypto

  • Favourite instruments: CFDs and other derivatives.

  • Enjoy creating content on macroeconomic trading, financial analytics and current market conditions.

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  • CEO
    Chief Executive Officer

Marcus Raiyat


Founder/ CEO

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