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41 Tutorials

Learn step-by-step through hours of content on how to trade Forex and Stocks


2000+ Students

Trusted by traders around the world. Join them today and be a part of the Logikfx community


Trading Analysis

Used by professional traders from the top Investment Banks and Retail Traders alike

Trading Analysis Done For You

Award-winning tech!

Use our award-winning technology to save you massive amounts of time on Forex and Stock Fundamental Analysis. We do all the hard work for you, so you can focus on the things that matter - actually trading, and managing your risk.

What to Buy and Sell

Updated every week, you'll know the potential future strength and weakness of over 23 currencies based on thousands of fundamental data reports. Developed by qualified financial engineers.










Copy the 'Big-Boys'

Ever wondered what the 'big-boys' are doing? With the Commitments of Traders Analysis (COTA) tech updated in real-time, you'll know exactly what the hedge-funds are buying and selling. A powerful tool EVERY trader needs.

Use Proven Stats

We've done the research and discovered the exact probabilities over every timeframe of how well various candlestick formations perform. Let the odds be in forever in your favour.

What else is included?

It's a lot!

Masterclass Education

taking you from no knowledge on how to make your first £1million from the markets to know the exact methods used by 80% of Investment Banks and Hedge Funds.

Trading Analysis (As seen above!)

developed by qualified financial engineers, so that you use the same level of research as Investment Banks and Hedge Funds. So, you can focus on the things that matter - making money.

Professional Excel sheets

that are ready to use in the live markets. All you need to do is plug in the most recent data!

Private Coaching & Classes

directly from active portfolio managers to accelerate the rate at which you achieve your financial goals and independence

Professional Community

Weekly trade ideas, research, and analysis pushed directly to your phone. Never miss a good trade again.

Logikfx Investment and Trading Academy (LITA) supplies the knowledge, tools, and support every trader needs if they want to make long-term consistent money from the markets.


The results speak for themselves with over 2,000 members joining LITA and are successfully trading the markets like never before. Many coming from a background of no-knowledge, or making losses from using technical analysis they learnt from free resources. LITA will take you from A to Z, where A is a losing trader and Z is a consistently profitable money-making machine using proper fundamental analysis. 

Before you read on, hear Manraj's story 
Manraj Degon
University Student at Aston University
Part-time Retail Trader 
LITA Member
Instagram: @manny.degon

Masterclass Education

learn from Pros

Financial market background 

Marcus starts off by exploring the major differences between professional traders and the traditional 'retail trader' approaches to trading, followed by the infrastructure of the market and the necessary calculations.

11 Videos

Fundamental idea generation 

An in-depth insight into analysing and scoring the most important economic variables for forecasting the markets and choosing what assets to buy and sell. (pssst this is automated for you in your portal!)

14 Videos

Filtration and 

technical timing 

Now you know what you want to buy, you need to know when to do it. Learn whether your with the market or against it, through Commitments of Traders (COT) and Technical analysis.

3 Videos

Risk Management and Behavioural Finance

Entering your trades and building a portfolio is half the battle. The next stage is managing the risk on the portfolio and the negative cognitive tendencies to minimise your losses. 

11 Videos

Over 41 Video Tutorials and Excel Files!

Aranpreet Bajwa
Associate, BMO Asset Management
LITA Member
Instagram: @aran94
5 Star Verified Review
Being a member of the LITA programme has drastically improved my success when trading. Studying Economics at Cambridge, and working in the Fixed Income industry, it's surprising how much valuable information Logikfx has to offer. It's clear they know what they're doing, and I always check their LITA tech analysis before generating my trade ideas.

Logikfx is the pillar of excellence

in Investment and Trading.

Education unlocks the door to success, but the application is what helps you walk the path. A great trading academy includes holistic theory, real-life tutorials, and shows you exactly how to generate consistent money from the markets. Allow Marcus to share his success in the business with you as he digs into the details of the financial markets, so you can gain an in-depth understanding of trading from research to deploying capital. We will take you through 4 modules: Financial Market Background and Core Skills, Global macro Idea Generation Process, Filtration, and Management learning their individual idiosyncrasies and watching Marcus analyse a trade from scratch. You will gain access to the exact strategy Marcus used to generate 6-figures from a few thousand, that over 2,000 members are using today. 

We help you get there

 with a  simple system and in-depth training

Education - Watch entertaining and informative lectures---a comprehensive guide from the basics to advanced trading portfolio management techniques.


Software - Fundamental analysis made accessible, simple to use and most importantly highly effective and forecasting the market. Developed by qualified financial engineers, specifically for retail traders.


Community - Weekly updates on upcoming trade ideas, fundamental analysis and further research in our private telegram channel with over 2,000 members.


Marcus Singh Raiyat

Managing Director &

LITA developer

Your Instructor

Marcus has previous experience at a $245billion pension fund (Phoenix Group), and professional competencies learned through the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment Management (CISI). 


Mr. Raiyat currently is a full-time Retail Trader, Managing Director at Logikfx, and LITA Programme Developer. He currently advises on Corporate decisions, Operations and resource management, Risk & Strategy, R&D, Seminars and Educational Content.


He specialises in Portfolio Management, Quantitative Analysis, and CFD Trading, where he has profitably traded multiple asset classes for over a Decade advocating his method of trading less than once a week.

Marcus with LITA Students at Aston University

sharing his approach to the market and how to generate consistent money from the markets.

His key principles

to trading success:

  • As traders, we are slaves to volatility. If the market doesn't move, we have no opportunities. We, therefore, must understand what is driving the price through fundamental analysis, and use historical volatility assessments to determine the risk-adjusted pay-off on all of our trades.

  • Self-discipline, goal setting, and self-reflection will be the three main skills that determine whether your approach to the market allows you to gain profit. 

  • You can't use just one 'type' of analysis to make money trading. You need a multi-dimensional approach using Fundamentals, Technicals and Business Cycle methods. If you miss one of those factors, the odds of making money are reduced to zero. 


LITA is for you

beginners and experts alike!

All Students (Undergrad, Postgrad, Mature)

Stand out among your peers and give your CV a competitive edge it needs. Learn the exact approach used in 80% of Investment Banks (Asset Management) so you're already an effective employee before you even apply.

General Public

You have money sitting in the bank being eaten away to inflation. Mastering how to trade the markets, and invest in companies, currencies, commodities will make sure you reach your retirement goals. 

Existing Retail Traders

Say goodbye to that feeling when you know something isn't working, but you can't understand why. Mastering the global macro approach will give you all the skills you need to make money. There's a reason JPMorgan, Bridgewater Associates, and BMO use it. 

Trade-Ideas & Community

Over 2,000 members!

Telegram Announcer Channel with

Trade-Ideas, Research, and Analysis

Hear What Some of our

Successful Members are Saying!

"I've just started my journey with Logikfx, and so far the content is superb. Coming from the medical profession, I've never been fully sure of what to do with my spare cash. Marcus is not only an incredibly skilled portfolio manager but his passion for teaching is unquestionable.


I am truly thankful to have found Logikfx, it's saved me so much time by showing me exactly what I should be doing with my disposable income. For the first time, I am seeing my life changed for the better."

Dr. S Bhambra


LITA Member

West Midlands, U.K.

So Worth It!! Joining logikfx has been one of the best decisions I’ve made concerning my trading journey into the currency markets.

Like many of you, I only used technicals to study charts and couldn’t understand when thinks didn’t go my way.

With logikfx I can add in the piece of the puzzle I was missing which was fundamental analysis.

Macroeconomic data is what the big banks and hedge funds use to make decisions and so should we as traders.

Sign up and you won’t be disappointed!!

Paul Murphy

LITA Member


"Logikfx has taken my trading to a place that I thought was impossible to achieve. The ability to cap my downside and still achieve exceptional annual returns seemed like a distant goal... now it's my reality.


Whilst still studying at University, taking on the skillset of profitable trading alone was a struggle. I can happily say that the things I learn through the LITA programme make it really easy to understand, whilst still keeping its effectiveness"

Manraj Degon

Finance Undergraduate

LITA Member

Birmingham, U.K.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does LITA start and finish?

The programme starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online portal - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the LITA Portal?

For however long you want. You can have it forever as long as your still paying your subscription! After enrolling, you have full INSTANT access to the course material and professional trading technology.

Will I be a profitable trader with this Membership?

Time after time we've had students come in, learn with us and achieve incredible results. We cannot, however, guarantee your success. It comes down to your willingness to learn and to commit to mastering this skill set. We will be there with you the whole way as nothing gives us more fulfilment than seeing our students succeed. The potential with trading is limitless yes... but your results will be determined by your work ethic!

Who do I go to if I have questions?

Logikfx support is the best in the business. We provide you with full support from start to finish until you become a profitable trader. We understand everybody has different learning needs, and we cater to all. There's no question that's a wrong question!

How can I pay?

You can pay via Debit, Credit Card or paypal

Don't take our word for it, hear Aran's Story

Aranpreet Bajwa
  • Associate in Asset Management, Bank of Montreal (BMO)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 3 Certified 
  • Economics 1st Class Graduate, Cambridge
LITA Member
Instagram: @aran94
P Salvelson
Music Producer
LITA Member
Nashville, United States

"I'm relatively new to LITA but what I've seen so far, it's been amazing and I'm developing more into the person I wanted to be when I entered the trading world. 

LITA is more than just Investment and Trading. It's a complete eye-opener on how the world works. It inspires you to push the boundaries.

Trading is not an easy path. It requires grit, decisiveness, and determination. All things I've massively been able to develop through the LITA meetups and seminars. 

If you're thinking twice about joining. Just stop and think... how badly do you want to succeed in the markets? If your desire is as great as mine, then joining LITA is highly recommended. They've laid a path, and I'm walking it.

Here's what you'll get:

Trading Analysis Software - updated weekly 

which free's up all your time for manual analysis, so you can focus on the things that matter - making money.

Masterclass Education - 41 x Comprehensive video tutorials on Forex and Stocks

taking you from no knowledge on how to make your first £1million from the markets to know the exact methods used by 80% of Investment Banks and Hedge Funds.

30 x Investment Excel spreadsheets

that are ready to use in the live markets. All you need to do is plug in the most recent data!


Private community

to accelerate the rate at which you achieve your financial goals and independence

Online access anytime, anywhere in the world

so you can learn at your own pace.  




Investment and Trading Academy

Logikfx helps individuals achieve growth, longevity and low risk investing to those seeking to learn. 


We introduce people to the world of trading and provide professional educational content through videos, podcasts, webinars, and workshops to help them learn how to become profitable traders.

LITA programme

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