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Mohammed Shahan

Graduate in Computer Science (BSc), specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Algorithms. Two fields that drew most of his interest were Computer programming and Economics. This was because Software development and Computer Games had a huge influence on his early life. Economics was introduced through trading items and virtual currencies in games with established open market economies. These interests fuelled his path leading to the pursuit of developing skills in both Economics and Computer Science. While improving his skillset in developing and researching Artificial Intelligence, specifically Genetic Neural Networks (GNNs), he also started to research different markets, which includes the Foreign Exchange Market.

Assisting the company by integrating programming and trading financial markets, the focus is on the Research and Development of algorithms and software to streamline the trading process to make it increasingly convenient for a trader to do their analysis. With his specialised skillset in Artificial Intelligence and forex trading domain knowledge, he can identify and create useful software to tackle the problems that arise when trading.

Shahan's Story

My first encounter with looking at the financial markets started from the very young age of 13, playing around on virtual economies (Runescape) and returning the massive amounts of profits (2Billion in runescape) which at the time went for a rate of £4 per million however to dump such a massive amount of money I needed to settle at a discounted price of £2.50 per million, I didn’t end up selling the full 2billion as I enjoyed playing the game and it was a necessary asset to have in the game however I sold enough of it to earn a profit of £1500 into a paypal account which at the time my parents thought was crazy for a 13 year old to have. This was my first taste of earning money through trading on a market.

I did this through use of basic mathematical and psychological techniques. Making use of supply and demand to allow for a good profit margin. This stopped at the age of 16 when I started college. At this point I knew I had a passion in two fields computer science because most of my life at the time revolved around the internet and my computer, and trading on virtual economies to multiply an asset as there was a sense of achievement knowing that I can gain profits by using simple logic while sitting at home.

As I started to grow older my interest towards this specific virtual economy (Runescape) was waning, thus began my college life, here I took a interest towards computer science and programming. Programming was also an interest of mine in the game runescape as I would code simple macros to do menial tasks for me so that I could save effort and time. I coded a macro that would train up specific skills in the game and here I entered into a basic level of logic necessary for becoming proficient at programming. So beginning college I already started to look through various programming tutorials and learning how to program before starting my course. Which by the time I began I realised wasn’t up to my level of programming that I learnt off of online resources. Which my teacher realised and gave me freedom to do as I liked in the class as long as I got the work done, here with my free time I began helping out the other students in the class, as they were learning from scratch and came across many difficulties. This is where I began learning how to teach effectively to cater to each individuals personality.

Teaching has always been a large part of my life as when I was studying mathematics and computing I would try to always understand it properly so that I could explain it to anyone. When my peers realised that I can help explain complicated techniques in simple terms many of them asked for my help them. While teaching my peers I also found that there was an even deeper level at which I can understand a topic. A level at which I can understand it clearly, and a level at which I can make anyone else understand it clearly. At the end of college I had received an award for understanding computing at a degree level standard.

Here I applied to university to further my passion into computer science and programming, because the other interest of mine which was trading virtual economies did not have a university course. At this point when I was looking up for courses related to trading on a market I came across the Forex market, an interest was sparked and I began my research into the field, realising that it had some parallels to the virtual economies that I traded before. But in its essence it was a lot more complicated. A year or two later I realised pursuing a job in computer science is not what I imagined it to be, so I thought of it as my backup career as I began to divert more and more of my focus back into the Forex market and learning how to make a career out of it. I quickly realised that the amount of return you can get from the forex market is heavily dependant on how much effort you put in and the resources for learning it are widely available online with some having barriers to entry such as a fee or others being a free resource. I used up some of my savings through the various projects I did throughout the years on purchasing books to study exactly what I need to do.

Over 2 years later I had thoroughly developed my understanding of the markets and had begun the implementation of my strategy shortly after I graduated university.

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