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March 2019 Results

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

NZDUSD Member Trade Submission

The LogicStrategy™ has had some high volatility this week with scheduled news showing a diverse range of results. Countries are starting to show signs of both strength and weakness. This week one of professional members were able to use the LogicStrategy™ in a unique way. Identifying shifts in strength vs weakness they were able to snipe an entry on NZDUSD.

Opportunity identified on 26/02/2019

NZD shifts to -34 from 6, USD strengthens slightly from -10 to -7

After our member saw this huge momentum change in the LogicStrategy™ they thought it was a good idea to short NZDUSD. Below is their position where they identified the opportunity, going for a high risk reward trade!

NZDUSD 26/02/2019

Below is the after picture of the price chart NZDUSD. The member has now closed the position because of personal risk management however he still believes it can reach the take profit provided. Especially if the LogicStrategy™ continues to show NZD weakness and USD strength.

NZDUSD 1:8 Risk Reward Closed

This swing trade opportunity just goes to show the different creative ways you could use the LogicStrategy™! Feel free to submit your trade ideas to to get featured when using the LogicStrategy™.

Read more on US economy here.

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