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Graduate in Computing and Business(BSc), specialising in quantitative analysis and digital marketing.

The initial curiosity towards the financial markets was identified during the aftermath of the financial crisis where his parents introduced him to an opportunity in buying shares in domestic banks, before the bailout was announced. Having previously studied Economics, Data Mining and Project Management, fundamental analysis has become an acquired behaviour. His qualifications in Business Analytics further allows him to assist the syndicate with transcribing economic forecasts, identifying emerging correlations and signalling trend continuations or reversals. During campaigns, the utilisation of resources has become ingrained by his experience in Software Project Management and Marketing, efficiently providing value through clear structured planning and execution of analysis.

He identifies that fundamental features of the market create substantial influence in the long-term valuation of markets. Investing in forex assets he references that a fundamental outlook followed by technical, volume and discipline are a must. Mainly due to forex market participants behaving otherwise to those in equities.  •    Social media management – leading content creation towards the desired market segments and managing various social media platforms to increase the reach, richness and affiliation of information we provide to consumers.  •    Marketing Strategies – utilising multi-channel buying models by integrating offline and online networks to precipitate and anticipate customer needs. Analysing the effectiveness of online communities and social media to build true company customer interactions. •    Economic Model development & Research – tracking and mining of global influential events, and modelling their impact on asset valuations.

  • Head Trading Analyst
    Head Trading Analyst
Matty Cheung

Matty Cheung

Head Trading Analyst
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