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Forex Trading Course Birmingham

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Looking to learn how to trade forex in Birmingham city? Keep reading.

Birmingham is famous for the Bullring shopping mall, but it's also home to Logikfx (that's us); one of the fastest-growing financial websites in the U.K.

Logikfx offers multiple trading courses, online and in-person within Birmingham, and the rest of the world, to suit differing levels of experience.

Whether you're a beginner or veteran technical analyst, Logikfx's forex courses can build you into a complete macro trader.

Birmingham Free Forex Courses

Learning forex for the first time can be daunting, and it's much more comfortable to take a free forex course locally before you part with any of your money.

In Birmingham, Logikfx offers a free 2-hour trading webinar to help you figure out if taking a forex course is worth it. The class includes:

  • How successful forex traders make money.

  • The main mistakes forex traders fall into.

  • An insight into the most successful forex strategy to date: global macro.

  • Practical hands-on examples of risk management

  • A free forex trader psychometric assessment to see if you're cut out for this game

If you're living in Birmingham and looking to get into trading, Logikfx's free class is the best place to start.

Birmingham Beginner Forex Courses

For an investor based in Birmingham, there is only one professional forex course that beats the rest: Forex Trading Course for Beginners by Logikfx.

Logikfx's beginner's forex course has been nominated by Global Banking and Finance Review as the best new forex education and training in the UK in 2022.

Course summary:

  • 14 hours of on-demand video lessons

  • Engaging and interactive quizzes to solidify your knowledge

  • 31 interactive and application-driven tutorials with on-demand video, examples, and interactive content

  • Responsive and supportive Q&A forum

  • Full lifetime access to the course so you can refresh your knowledge at any time

  • Accessible on any internet device (desktop browsers

  • Certificate of enrolment to certify participation of professional development

What you will learn:

  • Discover the financial market structures, and real word applications of foreign-exchange trading

  • Appreciate the importance of money and capital markets

  • Recognise the pitfalls that cause majority of forex traders to perform poorly, and others to succeed

  • Master the core forex trading terminology and calculations

  • Introduction to quantitative and statistical analysis

  • Navigate the global macro approach to trading with professional fundamental analysis

  • Observe a variety of charting and technical analysis methods

  • Interact with thought-provoking risk management methods used by industry professionals

  • Immerse into live trading examples, guiding you from start-to-finish

If you want to understand how traders capture price movements, then you need to become an expert at all types of forex analysis including fundamental, sentimental and technical approaches.

Logikfx has summarised, and simplified those exact types of analysis, in an extensive beginner forex trading course providing you with the necessary foundations before you can progress on to more advanced trading strategies.

How to Enrol on Your Course

Enrolling on a forex course in Birmingham takes a simple online registration process including your name and email.

Once registered, you can pay for your course online, and gain instant access.

Click here to get started.