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China Tax Cuts and Increased Spending

China to start cutting taxes and increase fiscal expenditure

Chinese policymakers are now taking action after exporters suffer the biggest drop in oversea sales in almost two years. The China's finance ministry has stated they are looking to cut taxes which will reduce the burden on small firms to help stimulate the economy.

The plan states the Beijing will cut value-added tax rates for some companies including manufacturing and hand tax rebates to others. Instead of exogenous stimulus through international trade the policy makers are looking to create growth through domestic interaction.

Following up on the tax cuts China also plan to increase fiscal expenditure this year, following a Keynesian approach to promote growth in the economy. The government is determined to ease the burden on small enterprises and the manufacturing industry, especially after the falling global demand on products. Factors such as the US imposed tariffs have made products in the west expensive and products in China expensive to purchase.

"The focus is on enhancement and efficiency."

- Xu Hongcai, Assistant Minister of Finance

To stabilise the markets, China's central bank has also promised to make monetary policy flexible and targeted. The People's Bank of China also stated they will keep liquidity "reasonably ample"which increases the confidence for firms.

Will the stimulus help increase global demand again?

Over time Forex traders should keep an eye on inter-market activity, the tax cuts and increase Government spending may help global trade. We could see a bounce back in risk currencies as the market state shifts from a risk-off state to a risk-on with Chinese demand back on the table. The US are also looking to close a deal with China in the time to come, this may also help global markets, if a deal is not made we could be in for some more volatility.

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