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Top 3 Best Forex Trading Courses - Free vs Paid

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Not all forex courses are made equal, and for those just starting out, it's a daunting dilemma on which to choose. Since 2013, it's been our mission to decide which forex trading course is best (even creating our own in 2021), with many leaving a lot to be desired. Below we've ranked the top 3 forex trading courses, to help learners easily compare which course is best suited to them.

Top 3 Best Forex Trading Courses of 2021

Ranking factors include:

  1. Support and guidance

  2. Engagement

  3. Emphasis on problem-solving

  4. Performance tracking

  5. Personalised learning tips

  6. Objectives and expected outcomes

  7. Teacher(s) and/or Author(s)

  8. No conflict of interest

  9. Reviews

  10. Accessibility

  11. Pricing

  12. Community

And after enrolling, completing, and testing many forex trading courses under those conditions, it was to no surprise that many of the products available leave a lot to be desired.

A good course, must encourage problem-solving, and focus on helping the student learn the content faster, and more efficiently.

Based upon this, we've come up with our Top 3 Forex Trading Courses, with only the Beginner Forex Trading Course (BFTC) by Logikfx meeting our minimum quality standards:

Best Overall

Support and guidance 4/5

Each video allows students to comment on specific time-stamps, which can then be answered accordingly. Logikfx also has a dedicated private forum for course students only, to ask questions directly to Authors:

Logikfx also provides a full set of notes, to help traders save massive amounts of time on the learning process, and can jump straight into the understanding of content:

Engagement 4/5

Video lessons are short, and effective, focusing on understanding, not just memorising definitions - with guided annotations for every example. It's clear the author(s) are focused on engaging with students as much as possible through thought-provoking videos, customisable quizzes, and performance tracking.

Emphasis on problem-solving 5/5

Over 400 dynamic questions for students to choose from in the quiz builder application. Logikfx has claimed to be adding hundreds of questions each month to avoid students repeating questions.

Performance tracking 5/5

Students course progress is tracked as a percentage, with a clear goal of how many lessons are left before completion:

Students quiz performance is tracked per video, with dynamic personal recommendations: