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So you want an online forex trading course, that will get you from complete beginner to where you can make money? You’re in the right place. At Logikfx we’re a lot different from your ‘traditional’ online forex educators, with the main difference we just don’t cram your brain with useless technical analysis.

We focus on a simple 3-step framework that is based on solid fundamentals, sensible filtration, and risk management methods. And guess what? It’s based upon the same approach used by the likes of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Bridgewater Associates… check it out below:

Logikfx online trading course framework

I’ll be honest with you, this course is not for everyone - if you’re not serious about trading I suggest you stop reading here. But if you are, you’re about to learn from the most comprehensive forex trading course there is. Before we get started let's see what even makes a good beginner forex trading course...

What makes a good beginner forex trading course?

There are a few key things to look out for in a good forex course, and we’ve broken these down into the good and the bad. Let’s start off with the bad:

Bad Online Forex Trading Course:

  • Holds Introducing Brokers Agreements - refers you to brokers for a kick back and based on your trading activity

  • Doesn’t go in-detail on how fundamentals drive the market price

  • Teaches majority technical analysis (Candlesticks, chart patterns, oscillators, etc)

  • Puts massive emphasis on using the metric ‘Pips’ - non-comparable metric

  • Is massively reliant on discretion

  • Doesn’t have historical statistical evidence on the methods it’s teaching

  • Encourages “day trading” majority of the time

  • Tries to up-sell signals

Good Online Forex Trading Course:

  • Complete transparency on their future trade ideas

  • Develops their own technology to make their students lives easier

  • Primarily focuses on fundamental (economics) analysis - if it doesn’t have this the course is in-complete

  • Doesn’t refer you to brokers, at all, and outlines what makes up a good broker to help your decision to become more informed.

  • Uses the base metric of Basis Points (Bips) - comparable base metric

  • Has historical statistics to back analysis methods

  • Encourages long-term consistent portfolio

  • Teaches you about the stock market in relation to the forex market

  • Contains complete portfolio management methods (including how to min/max risk)

As you may assume, Logikfx’s forex trading course includes all of the later attributes to make sure students have all the tools required to succeed. There is a huge difference between a good and bad forex course, so make sure you remember this checklist!

What does Logikfx’s online forex trading course include?

A lot. It’s over 41 videos of forex knowledge and experience simplified so that even a rookie could understand. The aim is to teach you the framework mentioned above and it’s broken down in the following way:

Forex market background & core skills

This module is designed to give you a strong foundation to build upon. You’ll learn about the history of the economic monetary system, how money came into existence, and finally, the core mathematical skills needed for more advanced analysis later on!

Idea Generation

Here, you will learn exactly how to get the best forex trade ideas from the market. The exact economic reports you need analyse, how to do it, and what positions you should take based on your findings. This will be the majority of your trading decision and will be what you use to populate your watchlist!


Once you’ve got a list of high-quality ideas, it’s time to filter them. Not all of them will be valid at this time. We need to know when to actually put the trade on. This is what filtration will teach you. Delving deep into the likes of the Commitments of Traders Report, and Technical Analysis you’ll know exactly when is the best time to enter and exit a trade. Answering the key question, is the market with or against you?


With all the above, you’re in a trade, you know what to do, why you’re doing, and when to do it. But the final missing piece is how do you manage these forex trades? How do you manage your portfolio overall? You will learn exactly how to effectively manage the risk, and keep a healthy consistent diversity in your assets so you can have long-term wealth. Not only that you will learn the key features of behavioral finance to keep your mind head and shoulders above your fears, biases, and desires.

Why learn in the Logikfx online forex trading course?

Where we have to start is your own objective as a forex trader:

  1. To make money using your own money

  2. To pursue a career in an investment bank or hedge fund

Either way, your objective is simply to learn how to make money consistently in the financial markets and you can only do this by being trained by professional traders that make money consistently in the Financial Markets.

As long as your objective is one of the above, the Logikfx forex course is a highly credible option for you.

Logikfx is the real deal. We’ve taught students globally and we currently have hundreds of traders who actively trade using this strategy to make consistent returns. We trade ourselves and make sure when you join you have everything at your disposal to surpass the best. There’s no holding back.

Our approach has statistics to back it. It mirrors the top hedge funds and investment bank’s approaches. We do this by using a simple 3-step process, with advanced technology that automates a lot of the hard work for you (after you’ve learnt). An example of this is our macro currency strength meter.

Beginner-friendly is the aim of our game. We want the so-called ‘difficult’, ‘secretive’ hedgefund approaches to be easily accessible to all. That’s what the Logikfx forex course does. Everything is presented, and broken down into digestible chunks, so even if you’ve never studied economics or even maths - you’ll be able to succeed.

If you want to build a long-term consistently profitable portfolio, across multiple asset classes - then the Logikfx online forex course is for you. It takes hard work, but that’s why the rewards are so exceptional… nothing worth having comes without blood sweat and tears (not literally).

How can I start? You can learn with Logikfx Academy

Take the first steps into growing your value as a trader with our free online courses, webinars, seminars. All from a small team of highly skilled traders with over 15 years’ experience in the financial markets. Learn how to use powerful tools such as the macro currency strength meter alongside market positioning through a step-by-step COT tutorial - all at your own pace, including interactive exercises, engaging examples, and full support to help you develop your understanding.

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