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Trump Shutdown Affects Forex Traders

President trump said in a recent interview that he is prepared to keep part of the U.S government shutdown for more than a year. All to get the funding for the Mexican border wall.

The Government shutdown has caused a timeout of working for some service employees. National parks are starting to pile up with litter and may be shutdown following inspections. What the shutdown could also cause is contractors laying off parts of their workforce and a temporary increase in unemployment during the shutdown. Could we see even more uncertainty in the U.S. as Trump waits for his wall?

What does the shutdown mean for Forex traders?

One of the major parts of Forex analysis is using sentiment in analysis. A government service Forex traders use extensively is the CFTC Commitment of traders report. This report shows all the positions that market participants are taking in the futures market. The latest update was on the 18 December 2018. If the shutdown continues Forex traders are left with one less tool in their analysis. This also means the logikfx COTA is on pause until the CFTC release up to date positions in the markets.

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