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LogicStrategy™: AUD Strengthening

Australia on the rise as Chinese companies pick up the pace?

Since Australia has global trade deals and ties with China, the recent growth in the Asian stock markets has also shown promising signs for Australia. Australia being a major exporter in the resources required for these companies also allowed them to avoid a recession during the 2007 global financial crisis.

Below is an example of how the Logikfx team and members were able to use the LogicStrategy™ to forecast a huge turn around in the Australian Dollar. Although a high risk trade it was backed by sound logic as the money flows to risk on.

AUDUSD LONG forecast on 22/02/2019

After a few days the AUDUSD price chart started to increase rapidly as seen below:

AUDUSD LONG 25/02/2019

The LogicStrategy™ results forecast this shift in strength on the 21st. Then on the 22nd there were signs of reversal through technical and logic. This is where Logikfx Trader and Professional members could have caught a position.

As you can see from the results the shift in strength on the 21/02/2019 shows the Australian economy strengthening and thus being more demand for their currency as global businesses flock for raw materials and resources.

Members and the team are currently still in this position. Expecting the price to rise gradually. To keep up to date with the latest opportunities upgrade to Trader and Professional memberships.

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