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How To Choose Altcoins For Your Crypto Portfolio

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

You can grow your crypto portfolio by adding altcoins to your Bitcoin investments. Bitcoin may be the mother of all crypto, but there are alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) that are also worthy of your attention. Many altcoins have also proven their importance in the crypto world. Some are even on par with the potential of Bitcoin. All you need to do is to consider the following tips if you want to choose altcoins for your portfolio:

1. Understand The Whitepaper

You can buy altcoins like Cardano on many crypto exchange platforms or go here directly. Before doing so, you should learn if the altcoin has a purpose worth investing in. You can learn about its potential by reading its whitepaper. The developing team of a new altcoin or blockchain releases this document to show what the altcoin can do. It includes the development prospects, goals, and use cases.

For instance, Bitcoin's whitepaper explains that it's a decentralized digital coin wherein a user can send it to anyone without needing a single administrator, central bank, or intermediary. Instead, it only uses a peer-to-peer network for every transaction.

However, the whitepaper shouldn't raise a red flag. Hence, it should be written in flawless English so everyone can understand its purpose.

2. Check The Crypto Community

Improving the blockchain's unity and solidarity is essential and must be transparent. You can check if the altcoin has a crypto community where a group of enthusiasts for such a coin work together and share ideas for its improvement. Ensure that the community members consist of the altcoins' writers, token holders, analysts, developers, and even traders. These people should be responsible for informing and educating the community interested in the altcoin. The exchange of information about a coin is vital to its comprehensive innovation and adoption.

The coin's popularity and consistency will also rely on the actions of the sponsors or stakeholders in information dissemination. Thus, the community should exist on various social media platforms like Discord, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. By checking how reliably strong the community of your prospective token is, you can gauge if it's worth an investment or not.

3. Watch for an Increasing Demand and Stable Supply

Another way to choose altcoins is by looking at their supply and demand. The altcoin must have a system to stabilize or decrease the supply or decrease it while facilitating the increase in demand. Demand is more likely to increase if prices go up, significantly if demand outpaces supply. You can find resources on the internet that show price indexes and the movement of an altcoin to learn about a coin's demand and supply. This way, you can ensure you're not buying them out of fear of missing out. Do your research and reap the financial benefits in due time.

4. Consider the Underlying Technology

Since altcoins come from Bitcoin, some of these tokens lack originality. It means some coins have replicated what Bitcoin is already doing, which means that some don't offer a better or different solution to the table. As a result, the community rarely notices them.

You may want to steer away from such coins and look for the ones that do a few things that the mother of crypto hasn't been doing. These coins were developed from a different perspective, meaning they're solving things that Bitcoin hasn't solved yet.

A great example of this is Ethereum. Its founders didn't develop such a token to put banks out of business or to supplant fiat money. Instead, they created a technology that doesn't replace the existing financial technologies, but it's a technology that makes financial resources better and stronger. Most importantly, it allowed other developers to use its core technology to build other coins. With such, Ethereum became a vital enabler of decentralized finance, making it an alluring altcoin.

5. Look At Its Price History

Last, you may want to check the altcoin's price history. Doing so will help you understand the coin's most consistent patterns and how it fluctuates over time. In some cases, you can use such data to predict its future since you can point out the critical demand and supply levels and their support and resistance. With such, you can make better investment decisions.


Choosing altcoins for your crypto portfolio doesn't have to be as complicated as it may seem. All you need is to spend some time doing your research about the coin. Read its whitepaper, join its community, check its supply and demand, and learn about its technology. Knowing these essentials will help you buy the ones worthy of your money.

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