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Aranpreet Bajwa
Associate, BMO Asset Management
LITA Member
5 Star Verified Review
Being a member of the LITA programme has drastically improved my success when trading. Studying Economics at Cambridge, and working in the Fixed Income industry, it's surprising how much valuable information Logikfx has to offer. It's clear they know what they're doing, and I always check their LogicStrategy scores before generating my trade ideas.
Trading hand guide. 

What you need to know before trading forex and stocks - Industry secrets revealed is going to change your life.

LogicStrategy Ranked the Top Automation Tool For The Public Retail Trader.

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"I've just started my journey with Logikfx, and so far the content is superb. Coming from the medical profession, I've never been fully sure of what to do with my spare cash. Marcus is not only an incredibly skilled portfolio manager but his passion for teaching is unquestionable.


I am truly thankful to have found Logikfx, it's saved me so much time by showing me exactly what I should be doing with my disposable income. For the first time, I am seeing my life changed for the better."

Dr. S Bhambra


LITA Member

West Midlands, U.K.

So Worth It!! Joining logikfx has been one of the best decisions I’ve made concerning my trading journey into the currency markets.

Like many of you, I only used technicals to study charts and couldn’t understand when thinks didn’t go my way.

With logikfx I can add in the piece of the puzzle I was missing which was fundamental analysis.

Macroeconomic data is what the big banks and hedge funds use to make decisions and so should we as traders.

Sign up and you won’t be disappointed!!

Paul Murphy

Profession unknown

LITA Member


"Logikfx has taken my trading to a place that I thought was impossible to achieve. The ability to cap my downside and still achieve exceptional annual returns seemed like a distant goal... now it's my reality.


Whilst still studying at University, taking on the skillset of profitable trading alone was a struggle. I can happily say that the things I learn through the LITA programme make it really easy to understand, whilst still keeping its effectiveness"

Manraj Degon

Finance Undergraduate

LITA Member

Birmingham, U.K.

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