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This booklet is an introduction to what you need to know before trading Forex and Stocks - industry secrets revealed. It is an introduction for those who have no pre-existing knowledge of the infrastructure of the financial market and how they can prevent themselves from being a victim of common unethical scams. It will give you an insight into the correct approach to investing, and how you can become a passive or active investor. After completing this booklet, you should be able to:


1. Understand how saving doesn’t protect you from the rising costs of goods and services (consumer price index, CPI)


2. Understand subjectivity of risk and the misconception that risk is equal for all levels of participants of the financial market.


3. Recognise how the current pension system is failing to meet the needs of retirement for the majority of U.K citizens.


4. Understand what passive investing entails, and the historical returns of benchmark investing.


5. Compare the future outcomes of various savings and investment returns based on assumptions of historical data.


6. Understand the structure of the financial market, where the Exchanges, Investment Banks, Retail Brokers, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Educators and Retail Traders all fit together.


7. Breakdown exactly how a retail brokerage makes revenue, and their inherent conflicts of interest with their retail trading clients.


8. Ability to spot the “red-flags” of unethical, shady, and misinformation-providers of the retail industry.


9. Outline the “Global-macro” approach, risk, return and outcome of professional investment and trading.


10. Differentiate between “smart” and “dumb” money participants.


11. Understand the basic concept of systematic trading for Asset Management job roles and to manage your personal portfolio.


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Everything You need to Know Before Trading Forex and Stocks

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