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Will you be the

next Macro trader?

- Presented to you by logikf(x) -

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This Online Class is 100% FREE - And All Trading Questions Will Be Answered

We've helped over 10,000 people globally, lectured in prestigious UK universities and invested tons into macro tools to make trading like a professional easier

What Will You Learn In This Free Class?

Macro strategy

Immerse yourself in the same strategy that professional traders use daily

Bulletproof Psychology

Master your mindset and reset your view on what really works and what doesnt

Market Positioning

Discover how hedge funds react to market conditions and what it means for you

Currency Strength

Learn how to use a macro currency strength meter, our leading trading tool

Risk Management

Get on top of protecting your downside risk, whilst unlocking your upside

Identify trends

Observe a variety of charting and economic factors that really drive prices

You don't need to be super smart... 

The best macro traders are not math geniuses or nerds at excel. In fact, to learn to macro trade, you might not even need math further than simple sums.  This is what you need:

The drive to learn a new skill and follow a step-by-step macro trading plan

The discipline  to spend a couple hours per week honing in on your research and skills

The self-awareness to understand your minds weaknesses and be willing to grow and adapt

Meet Your Instructor

Marcus Headshot.png

Marcus Raiyat

Macro trader, founder of logikf(x)

Professional Summary

  • 10+ Years of Macro Trading Experience

  • Founder of logikf(x)

  • wikiHow co-author and Recognised Expert in Investment, Finance and Trading

  • Style: Macro Trading & Value Investing

  • Degree (s): Actuarial Science, Mathematics BSc

  • Enjoys creating educational and thought provoking content

About Marcus 


Marcus, as a young actuarial analyst, began his career at the biggest fund in the UK (phoenix group), and the professional skills he picked up from his peers allowed him to leave in his early 20s to set up his website.


Marcus saved traders immeasurable amounts of time through his macro tools, and then taught people how to trade thanks to his knowledge and experience, building a massively popular macro analysis brand.

Since 2017, Marcus has accumulated over 300,000 thousand readers worldwide, received multiple awards and has spoken in the most prestigious educational institutions in the UK.

Marcus' macro trading education is one of the only courses available to go into the same global strategy used in investment banks and hedge funds.

What Our Students Have to Say

This macro trader event is your opportunity
to discover if trading is for you

In the space of just 1.5 hours, you will understand how traders capture price movements and how to become an expert at all types of macro analysis, including fundamental, sentimental and technical approaches.

get real-world trading value at no cost (for just this lesson only!)

This training is a short-hand version of the prestigious 4-week and 12-week online masterclasses we offer. We've helped countless people along the way to become the best traders possible and now's your chance to join them. 

We don't know how long we'll keep this training free, so book your limited space before it's too late to learn from the best in the game.

Will you be the

next Macro trader?

- Presented to you by logikf(x) -

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