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What's Is It Like Joining Logikfx Academy?

Macro Trading: How it works

When you learn to trade through logikfx (sometimes misspelled as 'logicfx') it's a skill you have for life. A skill that withstands the test of time, and can be applied no matter the market conditions. So, Let's delve into exactly how global macro trading works: 

What is macro trading (fundamental trading)? 

The hint is in the name, macro trading, also known as fundamental trading, is an approach (or strategy) where forex traders use fundamentals as the basis to enter their trading positions. For a high quality forex trade, you must gather a holistic perspective of the global economy, influential events and political themes which are the core drivers of foreign exchange (forex) prices. Once you have that you're 80% there to having a profitable trade. So, what makes up the other 20%? Well thats order flow (through the COT Report) and risk management which always come after the fundamental idea.

For example, if a LITA trader (the title you get once you join logikfx academy) believes the United Kingdom is approaching a down turn/ recession, they may short (sell) the U.K. stock market or the GBP (Great British Pound) currency. At the same respect if they see growth in the United States, and take long positions in U.S. equities or the USD (United States Dollar).

How does Logikfx's fundamental macro trading strategy work?


At Logikfx, we break fundamental macro trading down into 3 simple elements so its easier to learn to trade:

  1. Value (generating ideas using fundamental indicators)

  2. Optimise (using COT Report and Technical Analysis to time trade entries) 

  3. Risk (Manage your risk and trade exits)

Global Macro Trading Forex Model by Logi

The process above is the exact structure all LITA traders use; their foundation when they were starting their forex trading journey. The macro trading strategy starts with analysing leading, co-incident and lagging economic indicators to gain a strong outlook on the strength of an economy. You would then compare this with another economy to create a pairing (like a currency pairing) to decide which assets you want to buy and sell, respective of the strength or weakness of each economy. 

In simple terms... your first step is to get a fundamental currency strength reading for every economy you want to trade. Your second step would then be to put all of these onto a watchlist. Your third step is then to use the filtration processes to decide when is a good 'time' to enter the trades, and finally the last step is to manage the risk and keep level headed.

Once completed you're on your way to a long-term consistent forex trading portfolio. For life. A fast and easy process that takes no more than a few hours a week. Are you ready to learn to trade forex?

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"So Worth It!! Joining logikfx has been one of the best decisions I’ve made concerning my trading journey into the currency markets. Like many of you, I only used technicals to study charts and couldn’t understand when things didn’t go my way. With logikfx I can add in the piece of the puzzle I was missing which was fundamental macro trading analysis. Sign up and learn to trade forex - you won’t be disappointed!!"

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