Trading stewardship pillars

Pillars that define our ethos

Logikfx's core values of focus, efficient, effective and clear stewardship are reflected every day in the way we engage with our clients, team and community. We view trading stewardship as a natural extension of these values and of Logikfx's core purpose: to bridge the knowledge gap between professionals and the retail trader. What does excellence in governance look like? Logikfx's four pillars of governance outline our standpoint. 


Excellence in governance begins with great team leaders and directors. Our primary interest is to ensure that the individuals who pave the path for all technologies of Logikfx are ingrained with our principles for success. 

We also believe that diversity of thought, background, and experience, as well as personal characteristics, meaningfully contributes to Logikfx's ability to serve as effective, engaging stewards to it's employees and clients interests alike. If a company has a well-composed, high functioning team of leaders, good results are likely to follow. 


We believe in the importance of governance structures that ensure our clients best interests are being served, and the accountability is held by each team member of Logikfx. We always review future and current affairs with all control function leaders to generate the best outcomes of services. 

Each team leader has freedom of direction in their field to generate ideas allowing for limitless creativity and advancements in Logikfx technologies. 


We believe that performance-linked reward policies and practices are fundamental drivers of the sustainable, robust long-term value for a company's future. The directors play a central role in determining appropriate executive pay and member rebates that incentivise performance relative to peers and competitors. Providing effective disclosure of the practices, their alignment with company performance and their outcomes is crucial to giving our clients confidence in our software, systems and education. 

Risk and strategy

Directors are responsible for the governance of a company's strategy and the oversight of risk. Risk and strategy can be viewed as two sides of the same coin: Every strategy involves risk, and every risk can present a strategic opportunity. 

Logikfx are flexible and adaptable when it comes to market strategy, and company strategy alike. We base our findings off logical mechanical values which are the core components of our decision making.

Logikfx wants to know how economies think, what drives their values, and how will they be relevant in decades to come. We push the boundaries of artificial intelligence technologies and vast quantitative theories to make sure we maintain a competitive market edge in this truly global industry. 

We hold the firm belief that directors should take a thorough, integrated, and thoughtful approach to the oversight of the risks that have potential impacts of the effectiveness of our forecasting systems over the long term. Importantly, directors should communicate their approach with a positive and constructive attitude.