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Engineering graduate (BEng Hons) with a past in website management and copywriting, and an ever growing obsession to continuously seek & share valuable trading knowledge.

The intrigue into trading was built upon an innate curiosity of business and money. Having seen many people trudge through investments blindly and lose it all, the idea of becoming a successful entrepreneur resonated with her internal ambition. Trading was a door that was as intriguing as it was challenging and as such, the journey to trading began.

Learning the hard way (at first) was an initiation that could have been avoided but one that she looks back on fondly as her trading journey continues. The challenge and intrigue continues to this day with an ever-changing world that makes trading so much more than just a way to make a buck. Her mindset on trading knowledge is very much along the lines of 'there's always more to learn.' More importantly, where there is value in that knowledge, she is keen to share it with others.

The most important objective for Samina is to help other traders see that the door is not only open but it is one that you can walk through without trepidation. Seeking knowledge in this day and age can seem daunting, overwheling even, and with that uneasiness many turn their backs not too long after walking in. Samina considers it her trading mission to help those who want to trade with content that can be digested easily. Her recipe is simple, she implements:

- Trading knowledge

- Relatable humour & analogies

- Links to valuable resources

She strives to ensure that the knowledge and value she provides will answer many a question, unlock the missing piece to puzzles that seemed ever so bamboozling as well as provide value that will genuinely aid someone on their trading journey. The main objective she maintains is always to provide learning value although a smile or laugh along the way won't harm this literary chef at all.


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