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Logikfx - Ranks Top 10 Trading Blog

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

What’s up Logikfx readers today we’re here to announce some fantastic news with you all! Very recently Logikfx has made it to the top 10 UK Trading blogs rankings by Feedspot. Feedspot is a place for to read your favourite blogs, Podcasts, News Websites, YouTube Channels and RSS feeds from one place on Feedspot.

The Logikfx forex trading blog focuses on fundamental macro trading towards the Forex market. This means using economic data and political themes to generate trading ideas in the future. The team at Logikfx conducts extensive research on various economies to help traders and investors digest mass data into digestible information. This is way better than all the technical ideas and blogs you'll read elsewhere as economics is what drives markets not just price.

Traders get to read all about fundamentals and how to apply it towards their trading. If they have a further interest in using fundamental trading within their system, we offer a free trading webinar which showcases several factors to help them.

The main factors we discuss in the trading blog are economic themes. One of the fantastic strengths about Logikfx is that they’ve developed a “Macro Currency Strength meter” which uses economic data to determine future strength or weakness. This is a pivotal piece of technology for traders to use as it saves hours upon hours of time during analysis.

Logikfx Macro Currency Strength Meter

The technology at Logikfx which is showcased in their top ranking blog has been ranked one of the top automation tools for retail traders to use too by E-Forex magazine showing just how valuable the tools here are. If you’re not using technology to help with analysis and mining economic data, then you’re really behind the competition.

The Logikfx UK Trading Blog also discusses various tutorials which helps traders with their own strategies and analysis for free. One of the top performing tutorials at Logikfx is the COT indicator tutorial. This allows traders to create COT sentiment indicators for free without the need to pay, making it affordable for traders around the world. Logikfx have made this an automatic indicator on their website for any members that join their academy too as they’re all about saving time.

The Logikfx trading blog also discusses various industry scams and malicious practices bringing to light issues to stop traders from getting burnt. This has had a really positive feedback on our social channels such as the Logikfx YouTube.

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