Marcus Raiyat

Managing Director &

LITA developer

Your Instructor

Marcus has previous experience at a $245billion pension fund (Phoenix Group), and professional competencies learned through the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment Management (CISI). 


Mr. Raiyat currently is a full-time Retail Trader, Managing Director at Logikfx, and LITA Programme Developer. He currently advises on Corporate decisions, Operations and resource management, Risk & Strategy, R&D, Seminars and Educational Content.


He specialises in Portfolio Management, Quantitative Analysis, and CFD Trading, where he has profitably traded multiple asset classes for over a Decade advocating his method of trading less than once a week.

Marcus with LITA Students at Aston University

sharing his approach to the market and how to generate consistent money from the markets.

His key principles

to trading success:

  • As traders, we are slaves to volatility. If the market doesn't move, we have no opportunities. We, therefore, must understand what is driving the price through fundamental analysis, and use historical volatility assessments to determine the risk-adjusted pay-off on all of our trades.

  • Self-discipline, goal setting, and self-reflection will be the three main skills that determine whether your approach to the market allows you to gain profit. 

  • You can't use just one 'type' of analysis to make money trading. You need a multi-dimensional approach using Fundamentals, Technicals and Business Cycle methods. If you miss one of those factors, the odds of making money are reduced to zero. 




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