Logikfx strives to bridge the technological & educational gap between the financial institutions and stand-alone retail traders.

Learning & Innovation


Logikfx actively want to educate the public on how Hedge Fund Managers trade, so they can do it themselves for the rest of their lives. There exists barrier to entry, false information, and conflict of interests that have disabled over 80% of Retail Traders from successfully trading the markets.


We want to bridge the fundamental knowledge gap between the professional market participants, and the stand-alone retail trader.

Leading Financial Technology


Logikfx will provide clarity, effectiveness and efficiency of professional analytical processes to be easily accessible worldwide at a reasonable, fair cost.


We want to bridge the analytical power gap between market leading trading participants (hedge funds, investment banks etc), and the stand-alone retail trader to allow for the redistribution of wealth. 

Meet the team

The Logikfx team sprouted from their earlier years at Aston University. Each officers exceptional aptitude in their relevant field has been the underlying reason for a positive, effective & efficient ecosystem, leading the financial technology & education industry.


Marcus Singh Raiyat



Mohahmmed Shahan


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UK's Best Fundamental Macro Forex Trading Provider 2020


We introduce people to the world of fundamental macro trading through professional educational videos, podcasts, webinars, and workshops to help them learn to trade forex profitabily.

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